Azul Estranho - LP 2011

Azul Estranho is the first album of this trio, set up and developed by André NO (drums and percussion), David Estêvão (Doublebass) and Paulo Costa (Vibraphone and Steel Drums), which results from the composition of ten originals that reflects the musicians musical empathy and that evokes jazz settings of an exotic and organic urbanity. The improvisation is a spontaneous quality in the themes interpretation, which is very important as it allows the simple and natural dialogue between the performers. It turned out in a instrumental sonority that suggests a certain sensoriality and visual associations, inaccurate and blurred or more clear images, that are played by the (in)tension of the movements.

Azul Estranho was recorded between 8th and 10 April 2010 and some friends who joined the trio, such as Miguel Moreira with Guitars, Rui Bandeira with Trombone and Paulo Gravato with Saxofones, added other timbres and sonorities to some of the themes approach.

Album - Azul Estranho -

  • Track #1 Azul Estranho 03:18
  • Track #2 Fireball 03:57
  • Track #3 Ainda não 06:01
  • Track #4 Jazzigo 04:52
  • Track #5 Árvore | 1º Quadro 4:01
  • Track #6 FSU 06:50
  • Track #7 Barriga de Clara 07:06
  • Track #8 Maré 05:49
  • Track #9 Árvore | 2º Quadro 03:07